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Harvey John is an award-winning British filmmaker from North Yorkshire, England. He now lives and works in London as a writer, director, and freelance filmmaker.


Harvey's first film project was the independent coming of age feature film Sticky Toffee Pudding, a teen drama about a boarding school student who falls in with the wrong crowd after losing his best friend. The film was made exclusively by a team of first-time student filmmakers and featured in a total of sixteen different festivals around the world, winning BritCon Film Festival's Best Feature Film Award (2020) & Changing Face International Film Festival's Best Fiction Feature Award (June, 2020). The film built a cult following online, receiving worldwide distribution through Bayview Entertainment and Shoreline Entertainment. His second project, the proof-of-concept sports spoof comedy Swingers qualified for the BAFTAs, screening at festivals such as Flickers' Rhode Island International Film Festival (2021) and Carmarthen Bay Film Festival (2022). It also won the award for Best Acting at the London International Monthly Film Festival (September, 2021). The feature script of the same-name was described as "a wholly original, fun, slapstick comedy" (The Black List), "laugh out loud & wonderfully weird" (Shore Scripts), and "exciting, upbeat & off-centre" (The Script Lab). Harvey's latest short film, The Girl and the Tide, is currently competing in film festivals, where it has just won its first couple of awards for second place Best Short Film and second place Best Cinematography at the LIMFF (October, 2022).


In addition to spearheading his own projects, Harvey currently works as a freelance creative. Most recently, he has collaborated with artists & companies such as Platoon (Apple Music), Tom Middleton, Christina McMaster, Maude Hirst, IMVBox, Unii, Mannequin Mouth, Gabby Martin, Su Laurent, Samantha Sadighi, Natalie Mossayebi, and MARCH!

Harvey also runs The Developing Room, an independent production company, dedicated to giving young filmmakers real on-set experience, and priding itself on being a safe space for young creatives to grow and mature as artists. Across 2021 and 2022, 45% of the cast & crew employed on the company's various short film projects were first-time filmmakers.

Harvey's debut book, the Dark Academia paranormal romance mystery novel, The Ghost of St. Anthony's, is set to be released in Autumn 2023.

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